The killing of animals prior the UEFA Euro 2012 in Ukraine

Veröffentlicht: 6. November 2011 von Sonja Greye in Allgemein

In order to reach more people all over the world I have translated my article on the above mentioned topic in English.

Today my topic is animal protection. For years animals and their protection are close to my heart. I have pets myself and I believe that every living creature should be treated  with respect and kindness. However,unfortunately, not everyone shares my opinion and there are cruel things in the world that happen again and again and show people not as people but as monsters. Also in connection with the UEFA Euro 2012 in Ukraine. Animals are being  killed in a bestial way to get the streets clean.

Already over one year ago the burn of animals alive has begun. For that purpose the animal catchers even have a mobile crematoria available. Peta started an appeal against this cruelty to animals prior the UEFA European Championship in 2010.

In many countries of Eastern Europe  the scene of stray dogs is still common. There, the animal generally has a different role than here in Germany. Many people want a dog not as a pet but for a certain purpose to be fulfilled, such as a guard dog or hunting dog. Has he fulfilled it, he will be repelled. Castration is a foreign word, because nobody wants to spend money. Consequently dogs and cats are living on the street, freely procreate, are often sick and eat waste.
There are animal rights activists who are trying to educate the people and carry out castrations, but these actions are often just a drop in the bucket.

In 2012 the world looks on the Ukraine and the football players. In order to have the country presented in a clean and exemplary way, neither stray cats nor dogs do fit into that picture. That is why these animals should be destroyed quickly. Therefore they are captured and burned. The fact that cats and dogs are living creatures with feelings seems to be irrelevant.

The German broadcaster ARD reported on that topic (caution, not for weak nerves):

Particularly alarming is the methodic mass destruction of animals. The german non-profi organisation Tasso e.V. has written a letter to UEFA President Platini and published it on Facebook. Here is an extract:

[…] Animal rights activists and animal lovers across Europe are horrified because of this practice and are protesting for weeks  with numerous petitions and letters against the barbaric killing. Unfortunately, so far that seems to be not successful.
Football is a wonderful sport that unites nations all over the world. Football is also a million dollar business where many involved earn a lot of money. That is why it is particularly difficult to accept that the enthusiasm and joy of the people in a European Championship, is based on the unimaginable suffering of animals. Especially as this suffering could have been avoidable with a little bit engagement and financial help. Most of the people who want to attend the games would certainly be shocked if they knew of the brutal actions of Ukrainian authorities. [..]

Tasso also published this letter on the UEFA Euro 2012 Facebook Fanpage, but it was deleted very quickly. Many animal lovers from all over the world are posting messages on that board every day but they are being ignored or deleted, too. There is nothing you could call a dialogue or something like that.
Apart from the way how the persons in charge apparently switch to ignoring everything on that topic, it is outrageous for me how there is dealt with living beings in the Ukraine.
Certainly we might be at the top of the evolution. But does this give us the right to treat our fellow creatures with cruelty? Is mankind in fact sometimes the worst beast that is up to mischief on this earth? Isn`t it enough that we are destroying our environment and wage unnecessary wars? Can you enjoy positive events such as a football championship even if it is preceded by so much brutality? I think the practice is unacceptable and shameful for the Ukraine.

Many people tend to justify their inaction with resignation: „this brings anything anyway“. And they are not entirely wrong. For over one year animals are burned, no matter what has being done. Yet, I cannot be silent on that matter. I am sure that my article will not change the world. And that is not my claim. It is enough for me if my article is read and if it caused that some people started to think outside the box and developed compassion and goodness concerning other creatures. Because these are virtues that make humans really human.

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